Good morning/ afternoon/ night, wherever you might be!!

Hello there, how did you manage to stumble across my Blog

And you’re back, or never even left. My Blog is a little all over the place, and I’m totally aware and okay with that.

My Blog will have hard, for some triggering, emotional family shit, that i had to go through other then that, you can also find other cool stuff.

At the moment, I’m trying to marry my fiancé. So I will be able to move back home to his/now my family. I always wanted to go to University in the US, also we want to have kids in the near future.

And just in general, my blog is for me to have a fucking moan, and complain, because where can you complain for ‚free‘ these days anyway?!

Everything I wrote or will write, are my own personal experiences. It’s never the same for everyone. We all vary in character, morals, haircolore and so much more.

As you see,I have decided that I won’t put darker Skin in the category ’never the same for everyone‘. Yes African-Americans, are special, precious and should be treated like that. On my Blog,we’re all the same, we all have the same blood, we all eat the same, we won’t engage in stupid actions. We’re all made the same, so give each other the respect they deserve man

The Waiting Game

Since we’ve submitted our application, for my K-1 Visa, a lot had happened. Not with the visa thing, but in my personal life. Out apartment lease ended on December 31. So had to move, it was a crazy month. We bought a car, we found a place to life, in Munich, and then moved. The […]

Moving to America “the biggest struggle of my life”

So we’re trying to move back to America right?My husband to-be is born there, but I’m German, born and raised. We’ve been living in Germany for 3 1/2 years now. It is GREAT, SO GREAT. But in all honesty as good as it sounds, it’s also not as good as it sounds. We had wonderful […]